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Living with nature

Kalyvitis is located in the southeastern part of Crete. It is an idyllic place in the middle of olive fields surrounded by mountains with fragrant pine trees. Here, you are in 'green nature' but at the same time only a 5 minutes ride away from the sea with its secluded coves. 

At Kalyvitis, you are far away from the masses and ‘the short fuses society’. You'll find complete rest and you can take life at your own pace.

An introduction to Kalyvitis

At Kalyvitis your ecolodge is located in the middle of our olive grove.

Just a stone's throw away you can take a refreshing swim in the sea or walk in authentic villages or through the most beautiful gorges . Do you want to get a better picture? Then quickly watch the video!

ecolodge Adami


All lodges of Kalyvitis are 100% independently supplied with power. Through solar panels and batteries we get all our electricity from the sun and we function completely without the electricity grid.

100% self-sufficient of electricity

Our products from nature

The Kalyvitis concept consists more than renting ecolodges. With the help of our olive trees, vineyard, goats, chickens and bees, who make each their contribution, we achieve to produce our own products.

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