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Who we are

In 2008 we, Heidi (Dutch) and Manu (French), decided to leave the Netherlands to start a new adventure. We gave up our jobs and sold everything to drive a camper to destinations unknown. After months of exploring and travelling we arrived at the island of Crete. We then bought a piece of land with olive trees and started building a home. After four months of hard work our house was finished, and we noticed that we were falling in love with this idyllic place between the olive fields. We were moved by the mountains, the climate, the clear blue sea but also by the pure, simple life of the Cretan people around us. It is a simple life. A life close to nature, a natural luxury which attracted us so much. From this idea we started our concept Kalyvitis. For those who just want to escape modern society for a while, and literally want to see, hear, feel, smell and taste again what pure nature means. 

Our dream team!

The concept of Kalyvitis would not be complete without our animals. All special creatures with their own character and their own contribution to the work here. They are very special, and without them Kalyvitis wouldn't be what it is today. That is why we would like to highlight each of them (besides ourselves)!


The master builder>


The strongest and only man on the team. It is up to him to keep all the ladies in line and to manage the entire technical service. Manu is the foundation of Kalyvitis, which he also built with his own hands.


An eye for detail

Wil 70 jaar 106.JPG

The oldest of the bunch. She ensures that the rest of the team can function optimally and with pleasure she pays a lot of attention to the smallest details.


So sweet! >


Lisa likes to keep an eye on who's arriving at Kalyvitis and who's leaving again. She is sweet and obedient, but she goes wild when she is allowed to run!

Aunt Alie

A fickle aunt>


Aunt Alie and her friends feel right at home at Kalyvitis. How could it be otherwise if you can walk freely between the olive trees and get a grain from the goats ...?


The stiff head>


Ezra is the most stubborn of Kalyvitis. She often suffers from a stiff front leg. But when she doesn't want something, she clearly keeps her leg stiff too!


Never has enough ..>


Nora is mainly concerned with food. Her motto is; the more the better!

When everything is finished, she is peeping from her watchtower to see if new food is already coming.


The attention seeker>


Lieke is the spitting image of mother Nora; loves to eat, tough and dominant, but also very sensitive and affectionate.



The go-getter! >


Daughter of Ezra, born with crooked legs, but now with all her legs firmly on the ground. Smart, independent and resolute, she goes her own way.


Social and bold>


One day she was in front of our doorstep and decided not to leave. In return, she regularly brings a mouse. Loved by all other animals and certainly by us.

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